Do you secretly wish that you could be amazing on video?


Do you want to be charismatic on Periscope?


Do you want to feel confident and genuine while on video?


Are you ready to dramatically grow your business through video?

Well, let me start by telling you that you’re in the right place!

The Fabulous Factor is my proven process to help you overcome “deer in the headlights syndrome” while on video in just a matter of months. Whether you’e ready to start hosting webinars, going “live” on Periscope, shooting sales videos to recording videos for your online course and so much more.

Feeling confident on video is a skill. It’s another tool in your repertoire. It’s a thing, that with strategy and practice, you can master.

So you may be asking, “Why is video an essential tool for my business?”

Here are a few of my favorite reasons:


  • Your ideal clients want to feel personally connected with you & see you for the expert that you are.
  • Video builds trust which leads to increased sales.
  • Video allows potential clients to get to know you and your personality.
  • Your body language communicates more information than you could ever hope to write.
  • Potential clients will see you as an approachable and vulnerable human being…just like them! They will want to connect with you more than ever before.


Bottomline: Video builds rapport, gets traffic and makes sales!

Are you ready to conquer the #1 tool for dramatically growing your business?

“Working with Tina has changed my life. She helps you find your roadblocks and smash them down to find power you don’t even know exists within yourself. Since working together, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my formerly nonexistent self esteem, and I’m definitely nowhere near as worried about other people’s perception of me. Business with my clients has never been better! I can’t recommend her highly enough!” – Laine

“Through Tina’s unique approach, we were together able to figure out how I was getting in my own way and identify how to overcome my self doubt to reach the success I wanted and deserved. I implemented the strategy we put in place and very quickly thereafter I was in the position I had sought for years. Don’t sell yourself short – Tina will work with you to help you be a better you. You deserve it!” – Caroline

“Tina’s approach to coaching was tailored to my interests and not pre-packaged. Each session built on the progress of the previous one and along the way her book recommendations and author suggestions were very useful…I am fortunate to have met her and have benefitted from her guidance.” – Nick

Work With Me

One On One Coaching

Private coaching opens up a whole new world that you didn’t even know existed. Often, you can’t see the whole picture when you are inside the frame. Private coaching is an excellent way to overcome unseen obstacles in your life and career. Together, we’ll quickly identify and tackle what’s holding you back from your fullest potential! read more here

Group Programs

Have you wanted to dive deep into your personal journey but have a busy schedule? Like to learn at your own pace? This 6 month program is designed to take you step by step to identify and highlight your unique strengths and attributes in a way that showcases the best “you”! read more here


Are you ready to discover your true calling and purpose? This 6-week telecourse “Foundations of Purpose” is designed to help you connect with yourself on a deeper level, so that you can begin to unfold layers that are holding you back and standing in your way of greatness. read more here!


Tina Marcella is a Performance Coach who will help you feel comfortable and confident on video and in front of any audience so your clients will see you as the expert that you are! By working with Tina you will be guided to:


  • Increase your confidence and drive for webinars, Periscope, social media videos, or live online or in person events
  • How to keep your audience engaged and interested throughout your video
  • How to unleash your inner rockstar to command a crowd and have your voice heard
  • To create your very own “talk” makeover so that your message is told in a clear & concise way
  • How to release your own unique “It Factor”!

I know you’re already magnificent at what you do but now, the quality of your video skills need to match the quality of your work! You’re in business because you want to change lives and now the next step is to start attracting more of your ideal clients.

The Fabulous Factor is the program you need to gain rockstar confidence on video, feel amazing in front of any audience and take your business to that next level!

I can’t wait to guide you on this journey to increased visibility and success!

With love,